• Address Verification for Salesforce

    Address Verification

    Uses Smarty.com Address Cleansing to verify addresses in Salesforce. Click, and all addresses on the current record are verified, geocoded & cleansed. Works with standard, custom objects, & international lookups. Also, features auto-complete..... FREE 30day Trial!

  • Custom Objects sealed the deal!

    We evaluated many apps to satisfy our requirement to verify addresses on custom objects, and Address Verification was deemed the best. Accessibility to the vendor's personnel is good, and its documentation in getting the fields created manually on custom objects and setting up the simple final configuration was helpful. We decided not to used the recommended trigger and customize how the "Verified?" checkbox works, but I'd say the app is lean and slick: an effective front-end to the SmartyStreets back-end.

    - Kevin B.

    Service is Outstanding

    We're utilizing Address Verification part of an NGO Connect deployment, both for validating addresses and populating longitude/latitude fields for geo-searches on the website. When we've had questions for the developers about functionality, and a user-initiated issue, the response has been lightning-fast, accurate, and solution-oriented. It's really helped us to keep on track for our deployment. The product itself works great and is well-maintained.

    - Chris C.

    Love this app! Professional customer service.

    I love this app because I am a stickler for making sure I get the correct address for my clients and prospects. But I am even more impressed with the personable, professional customer service. Before I got the app, I called the company and was surprised to get a phone call from the owner! Wow, that impressed me from the get-go. - LeRoy R.



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  • Address Verification Demo for Salesforce

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • Get Addresses Verified in Salesforce.com

    Click, and all addresses on the current record are verified, geocoded & cleansed.
    This app works with the top-rated Smarty.com Address Cleansing service and provides buttons on the Account, Contact and Lead layouts which instantly verify and cleanse the standard addresses. Easy instructions for adding buttons for custom objects and/or addresses are provided.

    Address Verification for Salesforce

    Autocomplete in Salesforce

    • Easily populate address fields with the correct data
    • International Address Verification
    • Take a Test Drive.
    Address Verification for Salesforce

    Try it for free for 30 days!

    • Instant address verification + geocoding

    • Works with all addresses, including custom objects

    • Address Correction

    Address Verification for Salesforce

    Easy Setup in Salesforce!

    • Easy setup with Smarty.com.
    • USPS quality
    • Lightning Experience Ready!
  • Address Verification for Salesforce done right!

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